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Window Film

Do you need a window treatment solution that’s attractive and long-lasting, but also differentiates your home from the others on your street? Window film may be exactly what you’re looking for. SunGard Window Fashions carries innovative Madico® window film designed to elevate your home with exceptional privacy and light control.

What is Window Film?

Window film is a unique window covering that prioritizes your privacy and viewability without compromising on your desired natural light. The decorative patterns and colors add a one-of-a-kind element to your windows that also enhances your home’s privacy. Installing a privacy film for windows is a more cost-effective alternative to frosted or etched glass and can be easily removed to coordinate with different styles and changing tastes. The different film opacities from Madico® ensure different levels of light blockage and viewability for blissfully dark living rooms, private bathrooms, and stunning living rooms. 

Window film and window privacy film from Madico® at SunGard Window Fashions in Peoria, IL

Window Film Solves Problems

Everything in your home should serve a purpose: Decorative items add aesthetic appeal. A new mattress provides better sleep. A dining table gathers guests. Window film solves your light control problems, creating well-lit interiors that accentuate every room.

  • The sun’s energy showers your home with harmful UV rays and heat-causing infrared light. Around 83% of this energy passes through clear window glass, and 86% of that becomes heat. UV rays can damage your skin and fade your furnishings, while infrared light raises the temperature in your home to uncomfortable levels and causes your HVAC system to work overtime. Window film prevents almost 90% of that energy from entering your home, blocking 99% of harmful UV light. These reductions can lower your utility costs over time and extend the lifespan of your HVAC system.
  • Most—around 75%— of the harmful UVA and UVB rays that enter your home pass through your windows. The precise amount of UV protection provided by Madico®  varies with the specific film used, but window privacy film will give you an SPF between 236 and over 2,700; thoroughly protecting you, your furniture, and your floors from sun damage.
  • When a window breaks, it shatters, and the area around the window will be covered with tiny shards of sharp glass. Window film will help hold your glass together should it break. Your windows will still be susceptible to damage from impact, but the shattering will be significantly reduced or even eliminated.
  • Privacy window film provides privacy and security by preventing others from seeing inside your home. This privacy gives you peace of mind and protects you from would-be “smash and grab” intruders.

How Long Does Window Film Last?

Properly installed and maintained, window film can last decades. The longevity of your window film depends on four factors:

  1. Quality: High-end window films like those from Madico® use only premium dyes, adhesives, and laminates.
  2. Climate: Exposure to extreme heat or wind can wear down your film more quickly than a more temperate climate.
  3. Windows: The age and location of your windows contribute to the lifespan of your residential privacy film. North and south-facing windows get less direct sunlight than windows on your home's east and west sides, so the film on these windows may last longer. Older windows may not have a consistently smooth surface for the film to adhere to, making window film a better investment for your newer windows.
  4. Installer: Our expert installers at SunGard Window Fashions in Peoria can ensure you’ll be without pesky bubbles and peeling. Professional installers know what conditions you’ll get the best adhesion and performance, so your professionally installed window film end up lasting to 20 years.

Caring for Privacy Film

Window film is meant to make your life more enjoyable, not more difficult. You can clean your window using any store-bought cleaner and a soft cloth. Dry your windows using a clean cloth or a squeegee. We suggest waiting until your privacy film fully cures before cleaning it for the first time, about 30 days after installation.

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Call or contact us today for more information on our window film and set up a consultation. At SunGard Window Fashions, we are prepared to help you meet your window covering needs with our Madico® window film as well as our awnings, drapery and valances. Visit our showroom in Peoria, IL to see how window coverings can transform your home. We are proud to serve Central Illinois, including the greater Peoria area.